The new homepage

The new login page

The new homepage is more dynamic and reveals at first glance what is about.

Here the benefits of the areas find – analyze – export are summarized in a few words.

A link to the form for a free trial of the application as well as one link to the video and one to the login page are displayed next to the new leitmotif.



The section core information


In the block below the animated area, you will find the following 4 toppics linking to more details:

Users – Who uses
Functionalities – What does provide?
Testimonials – What do the user say?
Licensing – What does cost?

Clicking on the icon you get to the detail page.

Newsletter registration

In the third section of the login page, ‘internet travellers’ can fast and easyly register for the newsletter. – Your license to success with always the latest company contacts.

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